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You read it here first these are in mass production and make a great eye catching visual display of doing filtered water demonstrations.Please email Alkaline Demo tank for wholesale distributor info on the Mini Demo Ionizer.

There Is Now an Easy and Only Way to Show How All Alkaline Ionizers Work.


With the first and only Mini Demo Ionizer Demo Tank on the market all water distributors can easily show how electric can create change the ph AND ORP ( Oxygen Redox Potential) in regular drinking water! Grab the attention of all prospects with this.

The majority of consumers do not have the proper background on the workings of how any brand of Ionic Water makers work and incorrectly assume that alkaline water machines are just another purifier.  How wrong they are.

 Utilizing the Demo Tank you can instantly show them how any alkaline water machine works and can change the ph values of water and also create a negative ORP.

This Pat. Pending Mini Demo Ionizer is the only one in the world that is see through.

Simple operation that even a kid can figure out.

How to Measure Negative Orp

  • Just pour regular tap water into top glass with Milwaukee Mw500 ORP Meter and as the water runs across the plates it will divide.
  • Let the customer see the sticker on the front that shows in color how the water is splitting to an alkaline right negative ORP on one side and Acidic unhealthy low pH on the other side. Included are the side cups which will house both newly separate water.  On the left side will contain Alkaline Rich ( Negative ) - 300 to - 450 ORP micro-clustered water.
  •  By taking the ORP meter out of top glass with a positive 200 to 250 reading place it directly into left glass Ph Chartand just that fast the meter drops to - 300 to -450 plus showing how the water has split into 2 distinct solutions you are you. This attracts a lot of people at shows, fairs, swap meets, etc.


OK Now the for the Kicker Which Will Amaze Everyone

  • To really grab their attention remove the plates from the center glass and stir with a straw
  • Explain to the customer that you have mixed the negative and positive ORP water and high and low PH water back together and this is in the top tank and it is back at its normal setting exactly like it came out of the tap.
  • Next place PH dye drops in all three glasses all city water starts out at 7.0 neutral ( Light Green Blue color) the left glass is dark purple 9.5 Alkaline( this is the good stuff with the highly negative ORP) and the right glass is light yellow 5.5 acid.
  • The top tank is just the place you initially pour your water that was not used and can be used to demonstrate this is what water typically is.
  • Explain symptoms of Acidosis and all of the bodies functions and medical conditions that can be affected by to much acidity in the body. When performing this demo in homes, just pour their own water in, watch it separate then ask what would they want to drink?
  •  Then close the sale! Order today and start closing the deals
  • To purchase or Buy the Alkaline Mini Demo Ionizer tank Wholesale see this link

 Be sure to purchase your Mw500 ORP meter, and ph meter.Low pH SymptomsMini Demo Ionizer

Alkaline Demo Tank Includes
  • Tank is made out of unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Inside the tank is with surgical stainless steel plates. This is where the magic happens.
  •  Power supply is 48 volts. No danger in handling plates even in water while connected. No wires to mess with just drop in the plates and watch it work.
  • Long range Universale Ph Drops