Milwaukee MW500 ORP METER

Milwaukee Instruments
  • Description
  • Specifications
Range ± 1000mV
Resolution 1 mV
Accuracy ± 5 mV
Battery type/life 1 x 9V / 300 hours
Environment 0 – 50°C/95% RH Max
Dimensions 80 x 145 x 35 mm
This is the top-of-the-line ORP meter made by Milwaukee Instruments that can measure the oxygen reduction potential in the negatives of drinking water, and freshwater and saltwater aquariums and works great with the Mini Demo Ionizer.

The MW500 water tester replaces the older SM500 unit and offers many distinct advantages compared to the previous model.

This ORP meter reads the negative millivolt (MV) numbers required when doing water demonstrations for Enagic, Tyvent in any of the other water machines that create negative ORP.

You must purchase the MA9025 oxidative kit for this to work when doing your demonstrations as this will oxidize the probe allowing proper negative readings of your water.

Many of the Enagic dealers use this when they are doing their shows to show the differences in oxygen redox potential of the Kangen Water® that is produced by the machines that they are demonstrating.

Milwaukee Instruments Meter Selection Guide Instruction Specification Manual Review

Included Accessories for Milwaukee Tester
  • Included with this the Milwaukee portable MW500 meter is the required probe model number SE300 platinum electrode which has replaced the older MA921B/1 Platinum Electrode.
    This probe should never be stored dry
  • One 9 V battery to power the unit
  • Sample solutions of
Optional Accessories
  • MA9025 conditioning solution for ORP probe
  • MA9015 storage solution
  • Storage case for the meter
  • Replacement probe SE300 platinum electrode
How to Use MA 9025 Oxidative Solution with Testing Negative ORP Water

If you're using this meter with any type of Ionized negative ORP water such as a Enagic Kangen Water® ionizers and using it for negative ORP testing .  Follow this procedure.

  • You see oxidative solution MA9025 to oxidize the tip of the probe.  After that follow the instructions below.
  • Leave the ORP probe for in any body of water with a low pH of three or below for three days the condition the probe prior to testing the water.