Mini Demo Ionizer Replacement Parts
Whats worse than being at a water demonstration and having something go wrong with your Mini Demo Ionizer? Will not a lot of things if you're in front of hundreds of people showed how your water filtration machine works.
Increase your sales and have replacement parts available for your customers while you are performing your demos.  Great if you are an Enagic dealer or any other water ionized negative water machine representative.  We also offer the best pricing on Universal PH Indicator Drops.  These drops work by measuring the alkalinity or acidity by use and bodies of water such as in fish, tanks drinking water, including negative ORP, and wastewater etc.  Please note the pH indication drops we can only ship to the United States and Canada due to import export laws.
Bottle may differ based off of availability

Universal Ph Indicator Drops

We do in your water demonstrations these drops are vital to show how the properties of the water are changing from a neutral pH to a higher alkaline pH.

Tank Assembly

Over time you may notice from doing demonstrations at your Mini Demo Ionizer assembly is getting scratched up may possibly need to be replaced.
Please rmember to send in your existing plate and a copy of your online order form to get a new plate.

Electrolysis Plate Assembly

The bread-and-butter of the alkaline tank Mini Demo Ionizer. We have plenty of these available but you must send send us your old plates and we will replace them.  Upon

Top Drain Glass

The top polycarbonate drain replacement for your Alkaline Demo Tank installs in minutes.

Power Supply for Alkaline Tank Mini Demo Ionizer

Oh no, you lost power and you don't know what to do?  Well, rest assured there are replacement here.

Small Side Catch Cups

Small side catch glasses are used for catching the alkaline negative ORP water on one side of the Friz cup and the acidic water on the other side.

Siphon Tubes 2 each

this is a 6 pack set of the replacement siphon tubes for your Mini Demo Ionizer.