Instruction Manual
How to operate and perform a water demonstration with the MINI DEMO IONIZER


Intended for Demonstration Purposes Exclusively -
Absolutely not For Ingesting

1. Position Mini Demo Ionizer upon stable surface area. Place metal
mini plates
within your primary reservoir. Be sure
plates install securely directly into location in between the contact
brackets at the bottom of the reservoir.

2. Place the reservoir on top of the main
reservoir. Find the small opening within the base of
the upper reservoir.

3. Put 2 Small demonstration cups beneath every drain
on each side.

4. Connect electrical cable directly into base as well as directly into wall socket.
Be positive that there is actually a green light appearing on your
transformer showing electrical power.

At this point You Will Be Completely Ready For you to Perform Your own water DEMONSTRATION!

PRACTICE A FEW TIMES PRIOR to Executing A DEMO For A Prospective client. Practice Makes Perfect!

5. With the system plugged in, fill up higher reservoir
¾ completely full with tap water. You will see the drinking water empty
directly into the main reservoir and then split into
alkaline water as well as acid water (left and right glasses).
If you look very carefully, you see little bubble activity
within the actual water next to the plates.

6. The normal water is going to separate equally into the two cups. In the event that
you observe that just 1 side is draining, just
position a finger on the draining tube and release
immediately after the other side begins draining. Permit water to
separate and drain directly into side cups.

(Notice: Under no circumstances leave the device plugged in for more
than 15 minutes. Turn unit off by unplugging power
cord from the bottom. )

7. Drop 3-5 pH drops directly into each demonstration cup.
Observe alkaline and acid waters are separated and explain what
is happening to your client..

8. Once finished, make sure the device is actually
unplugged. Drain the water; remove the mini
plates, rinse off completely in fresh tap h2o. You
can easily make use of any sprayer to spray the plates
if you desire. Some discoloration to the membrane
in between the plates is actually typical with use. In the event that the
electrical connections get wet, be sure to allow
device to completely free of moisture prior to applying power
cord to power supply.


Put the pH drops directly into the top reservoir before
letting it empty directly into the main reservoir. You actually will
it separate into purple as well as yellow colors while
it contacts your mini plates and empties straight into each
demo cup as observed on the demonstration video clip on our

Dependent upon your own source water, you might discover this
hard to get a good separation of colors if you
choose to go along with the demo movie. In the event that this happens
adhere to methods 1 - 8 in order to obtain proper visual effect.


Care manual

Mini Demo Ionizer Care and handling Sheet

DO NOT USE any kind of abrasive

products (Goof-off, Goo
Gone, and many others.) to thoroughly clean the
device. Any gentle soap or perhaps
11.5 pH drinking water and a gentle
clean cloth will work the best.
Mini Demo Ionizer_Care_Sheet


Source drinking water may differ within each and every area, all of us
suggest performing a check run before every single demonstration!

BE PROFESSIONAL - practice frequently!

Electrical Shock Risk
Disconnect subsequent to Fifteen min's of utilization
Don't leave unattended
Always keep out of range of children

Your Mini Demo Ionizer will be
of the subsequent components:

A. Main Reservoir
B. Mini Plates
C. Upper Reservoir
D. Electrical power Adapter and Cable