Mini Demo Ionizer
 So you have decided it's time to purchase the Mini Demo Ionizer for doing your water demonstrations. Congratulations on making such a wise investment to further educate your clients about how alkaline water ionizers work.

Currently you can only purchase the Mini Demo Ionizer from our select distributor in the USA so please e-mail us for contact info.  The pH indicator drops for measuring alkalinity or acidity in the water cannot be shipped overseas.  Since this alkaline water Mini Demo Ionizer uses steel plates for the electrolysis to happen we do not suggest drinking the water but only using it when doing demonstrations.

If you have any questions on how to operate your demo ionizer do not hesitate to contact us.

All New Mini Demo Ionizer

uploaded: 02/15/11 09:18

source: YouTube

All of our alkaline demo tanks come with a full 90 day guarantee.

Mini Demo Ionizer

The Mini Demo Ionizer is only for sale through our select dealer.  Please email us for information on purchasing one.