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Vacuum Air Tight Drinking Containers
Many people who use the Mini Demo Ionizer know that when drinking out the water that has high negative ORP the oxygen redox potential decreases throughout the day due to contact with the air. Our vacuum sealed airtight containers are all stainless steel and will not let oxygen back into the alkaline water.

Many people will fill up a water bottle or two and bring it to work so they can keep a steady supply of alkaline high pH water with them.  This is a great thing to do when you are not at home all the time.  However, plastic bottles in any bottle that consistently let oxygen through the pores of the container will slowly remove the high negative ORP in the water as well as breaking up the micro-clusters of the water molecule that are needed for increased hydration.

Alkaline demo tanks we offer stainless steal airtight containers that you can take with you on the go so you can drink that healthy water throughout the day just as the it came out of your water filtration machine. Great addition to take on the go with your Mini Demo Ionizer.

12oz - 350ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle Thermos

This nice trouble size stainless steel vacuum sealed thermos bottle is a great addition to any one who carries water to work.easy to use 350 ml container.

1qt Airtight Vacuum Bottle Stainless Steel

This stainless steel thermos is quite a bit larger than the 12 ounce water container we offer and a bit more sleek.  Great if you're going on a little trip and in need a large water bottle that you keep in your car.

Deluxe 3.7 Quarts Stainless Steel Vacuum Air Pot

Our top of the line flagship model when it comes to size and convenience.  This stainless steel deluxe model offers the convenience of home and work use and capacity of 3.7 quarts of liquid in the container.

2qt Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed Coffee Pot

The ideal way to take your alkaline drinking water to work in a coffee pot.  Works great with tea and other beverages as well.