Displayed here is the PH 58 orp Meter
Milwaukee Instruments
We offer a full line of water testers, and solutions, that can be used By Enagic  Kangen Water® Dealers, Tyent representatives, etc when performing demonstrations along with the Mini Demo ionizer.  Milwaukee Instruments is known for their high quality probes which can be used to measure drinking water, aquarium water, food preparation, and wastewater treatment facilities.

The Mw500 ORP meter makes a great addition to your arsenal we doing negative ORP testing to show the healthy non-oxidative or anti-oxidant properties in your solution.

The Milwaukee Mw500 probe measures and millivolts (mV) and makes a great addition to measure negative Orp in drinking water, aquariums and wastewater.

Milwaukee MW500 ORP METER

This is the top-of-the-line ORP meter made by Milwaukee Instruments that can measure the oxygen reduction potential in the negatives of drinking water, and freshwater and saltwater aquariums and works great with the Mini Demo Ionizer.

Milwaukee Ph 58 Combo Ph/Orp Meter

DThis is a combination pH ORP and temperature monitor that can measure oxygen redox potential in the negatives if you use the Milwaukee oxidation kit ma9025. Use it with your Mini demo ionizers.

Milwaukee MW101 PH Meter

This portable handheld pH meter by Milwaukee instruments model number MW101 offers a fast processor along with large digital LCD display.  A great unit to using conjunction with the MW500 ORP meter if you're doing alkaline water demonstrations with the Mini Demo Tank.

ORP Probe Conditioning Kit MA9025

If you're purchasing a brand-new Milwaukee instruments MW500 negative ORP meter for testing low oxygen reduction potential in drinking water or doing demonstrations for Kangen and you will need this oxidation kit Ma9025 on initial use for your SE300 probe.

Milwaukee Instruments MA6370 Storage Case

Make sure to protect your pH meters, ORP meters or any other type of monitors you have with a brand-new Milwaukee MA6370 protective storage case. Great for the Enagic  Kangen Water® representatives do water demonstrations on the road.

Electrode Cleaning Solution MA9016

The Milwaukee MA9016 electrode cleaning solution will work with any probes, including Hanna Instruments.

PH and ORP Storage Solutions MA9015

Is vital to ensure that the tips of your probes remain moist at all times or they can dry up and cause invalid readings. The Milwaukee instruments MA9015 storage solution should be used to prevent drying out.

4.0 Calibration Solution MA9004

Use the 4.0 collaboration solution MA9004 to make sure you're maintaining a proper pH reading and the 4.0 range on your pH meters.
Buffer solution for pH meters ma9007

7.0 Calibration Solution MA9007

To ensure accurate results you should calibrate your pH meter and pH monitors at least one time a month.

10.0 Calibration Solution MA9010

The 10.0 calibration solution by Milwaukee Instruments will I you to calibrate your pH meter to the upper level of 10.0 on your pH monitor.

Se 220 Replacement Probe for Mw500 Orp Meter

The Se220 is an original OEM replacement probe for the Mw500 negative ORP meter in its on sale.

Replacement Electrode Probe MI58P

This is an original oem replacement probe for the Milwaukee ph meter Ph 58