water glass
We are In no way affiliated with Enagic Usa nor their Brand of Negative Ion Water Machines

Who are we.  A bunch of guys who love water.  Good quality water that tastes good and is good for you. 

How this idea came to fruition was one water filter distributor did presentations and saw there must be an easier way to show the customers how his machine made negative Orp water without being so complicated.  Well there was and the Alkaline demo tank concept was born and prototypes were made and now are sold by some as the Mini Demo Ionizer.

There have been many revisions on the Mini Demo Ionizer and Friz Cup to come up with a great easy to use product that makes giving Alkaline Drinking Water demonstrations a breeze.

Please be sure to contact us via e-mail concerning setting up a wholesale account for the Milwaukee Instruments water testers as well his other pH meters and of course the alkaline demo tank ionizer.

 If you have any suggestions on how to make this even a better product do not hesitate to contact us.