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Mini Demo Ionizer - Alkaline Demo Tanks Wholesale
Alkaline Demo Tanks is the premier source for wholesale sales and support of the Mini Demo Ionizer.  This fantastic unit offers an easy, effective, visually elegant way to demonstrate how water filtration machines change the water properties from a positive ORP to a negative ORP, as well as show the change in alkalinity.  The Mini Alkaline Water Demo Ionizer makes it easy to demonstrate the inner workings of ionic machines for representatives of Athena, Delphi, Aquarius, Melody, Venus, Naia, Ionlife Tyent, and Enagic Kangen Water® water ionizers.

Many water filtration products produce ionized - ORP drinking water through a technique called electrolysis.  This is a somewhat complex thing to explain to the average consumer on how the electrolysis process works by creating unhealthy acidic  low pHH2O into great tasting alkaline high pH water.

For this conversion to take place a negative electrical charge must happen to convert the normally positive hydrogen and oxygen into a negative state, creating ionized water that will be alkaline.

When setting up the Mini Demo Ionizer demonstrations for customers to see how this process takes place in understanding the conversion is much easier to have a visual display such as our Alkaline Demo Tank - Portable Mini Demo Ionizer , which can show in a matter of minutes how the electrical charge changes the properties of the water.

All New Mini Demo Ionizer  Patent Pending

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Our Demo Tank works on the same principles but on a smaller scale as many of the water filtration systems that produce negative ORP drinking water filters that are currently on the market today.  With the alkaline demo tank you will be able to pour regular tap water into the top of the unit to demonstrate how an alkaline water machine works.  Add your included ph drops (USA only) to the top and Plug in the demo tank and watch how the dye from the pH drops change the color of the h2o into 2 separate colors on each side of the chamber.  It is amazing watching the electrolysis process happens creating negative ORP water high alkaline water which can be measured with the Milwaukee MW500 Meter on one side with a high pH showing up purple on the pH scale all the unhealthy low pH water turns green and is filtered to the other side in the Mini Demo Ionizer .

With the alkaline demo tank.  Your customers will be able to see how the whole process works with the exciting visual demonstration that you just created right before their eyes.

You can also use a negative ORP meter such as the mw 500 with se300 probe  
by Milwaukee Instruments to display the values of the water in each side of the container.  In conjunction with the ORP meter you can either use pH litmus test strips so the customer can see how the water filter has changed the pH, or alkalinity and acid levels on each side, or try the Milwaukee MW101 digital display pH meter, which can provide exact measurements of the ionized drinking water.

Be sure to check out our new portable airtight containers that are great for transporting negative ORP water.  Contact us with questions

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